Discordant Tunes in Ondo APC Election, Oke, Akinterinwa Accuse Ododo of Fraud, Aiyedatiwa Calls for Unity

The All Progressives Congress (APC)  2024 governorship primary committee in Ondo State  on Saturday evening declared the exercise inconclusive.

The declaration was a result of litany of controversies that adorned the process, inclusing violence, vote-buying, bullying and destruction and disruption of the process in various parts of the state.

In a statement issued on Sunday by the chairman of the committee, Governor Usman Ododo,  of Kogi State, the committee will conduct a rerun election in Okitipupa Local Government Area of the State.

Part of the statement reads:

“Having received reports of the primary election from the 203 wards in the 18 local governments of Ondo State, the Primary Election Committee has decided that the election will be conducted in all 13 wards of Okitipupa Local Government, with a total of 9,515 registered members.

“ We have validated reports that the exercise did not hold in the local government due to the late arrival of electoral materials and personnel as a result of logistics challenges.

“Elections in Okitipupa Local Government shall be conducted at noon on Sunday, April 21, 2024

“The final collation of the results will be done thereafter.”

However, various interest groups in the state have condemned the election describing it as sham that will not stand.

Chief Olusola Oke camp reacts, threatens legal action

Reacting to the inconclusive election, the Wale Oke campaign organisation accused the chairman of the primary election committee, Governor Usman Ododo of lacking respect for laws insisting that they shall resort to legal action to press in their demands for free and fair process.

In a statement issued on Sunday by the Spokesman of the group,  Ojo Oyewamide, Ododo was accused of not having the democratic credentials to take up the task he has been given by the APC.

Part of the statement reads:

“We have read on social media a notice of rescheduled primary election slated for today, Sunday 21st of April, 2024, in Okitipupa local government area. The notice was said to have been issued by Governor Ododo, the chairman of the Election Committee.

“As we prepare to make the whole world see the monumental fraud perpetrated by Governor Odod and his men, this irritating notice has further confirmed that Governor Ododo has a premeditated plan to impose on the people of Ondo state a fraudlent electoral process that can only produce fraudulent leadership.

“First and foremost, there was no election anywhere in Ondo state, so there can never be a rescheduled election.

“Secondly, the purported reacheduled election is fixed for 12 midday today, Sunday 21st, this is gross insensitivity and disrespect to the religion of our party members who were robbed of their democratic rights by Governor Odod and his hired enablers. By 12 midday, many of these loyal and dedicated party members will still be in their respective worship centres.

“The need for the purported rescheduled primary election arises as a result of their unsuccessful attempt to smuggle in the already written election results of the primary having been resisted by some men of conscience who refused be initiated into the Kogi democratic system of violence and intimidation to qin election.

“We understand the limitation of Governor Ododo. He is a product of election process that is driven by violence and intimidation. Seeing an election that is characterised by violence, gross intimidation, and open manipulation means nothing to him. The presence of Governor Ododo was the impetus that further energised the hired thugs that militarised the election.

“Therefore, it is understandable that Governor Ododo and his team have no respect for the guidelines of the primary election that should be a guide for their actions, summarily, we do not expect a man whose only democratic credential, as an emerging leader, is subversion of democratic process. He shoùld be told that this is Ondo state.

“We are ready to use any legal and acceptable means to redress these shenanigans. We are Ondo state people, we are no conquered people


The whole thing is a show of shame- Akinterinwa


In their on part, the Wale Akinteriinwa Campaign Organisation (WACO) described the entire process as a “show of shame” that will not stand.

Speaking through is Spokesperson, Segun Ojo, the group

“ Wale Akinterinwa Campaign Organisation wishes to put on record our observations of the show of shame put on display yesterday, Saturday, April 20, 2024, by the election committee for the Ondo state governorship primary election.

“It has become very important for us to speak lest the people, party leaders, and the general public are deceived by the Governor, Usman Ododo-led committee that an election was held to select the candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Ondo state.

“Without any fear of contradiction, we state here that no election was held in any part of Ondo State on Saturday to elect the candidate of the APC. It is on record with incontrovertible evidence that nothing in the semblance of a primary election was held in all the 203 wards in Ondo state. At best, what can be said to have happened was that the committee chairman, Governor Ododo, arrived in the state at about 8 am on Saturday to write the result of an election that was never conducted.

“Saturday’s election presented our dear party with a rare opportunity to endear itself to the people of the state. All that was needed was for us to organise an election that would be hailed by all, even the opposition. But we bungled the opportunity with the sham organised by the electoral committee.

“The people have eyes and they can see. But on Saturday, they did not see any part of the state where electoral committee members counted the votes as expected. Rather, what they witnessed was a crowd of our enthusiastic supporters who stood in the sun for several hours waiting for the elusive electoral officers to turn up. But they dashed their hopes and expectations of a robust democratic engagement.

“It is also noteworthy to state that on Friday, April 19, 2024, the secretary of the committee, Senator Ovie Omo-Agege, who stood in for Governor Usman Ododo at the stakeholders’ meeting had assured all the aspirants and other stakeholders that all the guidelines put in place to ensure the integrity and smooth conduct of the nomination exercise would be followed to the letter.

“But it was not surprising that what Governor Ododo did on Saturday was far distant from what was promised. However, what was surprising was the audacity and the indecent manner the election committee actualised its plot, which was scripted and directed to favour a particular candidate

“For them, a little display of decency by allowing the 203 wards’ election committees to pretend to do their job was a sheer waste of their precious time. Never before in the history of the APC have we witnessed anything close to what was put on display on Saturday.

“Saturday’s sham election will probably go down as one of the most controversial primary elections ever conducted by our party. The supportive and hardworking members of the APC were robbed and made to understand or believe that their votes do not count.

“While we are still trying to process the shameful manipulation and fraud that attended this election, it remains a huge and difficult task to understand why the electoral committee was in such a hurry to conclude and announce their candidate as the winner.

“However, we greet the resilience of our supporters across the 203 electoral wards in the state who forsook their farms, trades, and other matters to queue in the sun till well after 3 pm. Be rest assured that your effort is noted and your sweat has not gone in vain.

“We, therefore most respectfully appeal to all our supporters to remain calm and peaceful, law-abiding, and conduct themselves most responsibly while we explore legal and democratic ways to register our grievances. We assure you that our principal, Wale Akinterinwa remains absolutely undaunted and deeply committed to the tenets of democracy.

“Let the world know that this is not about Wale Akinterinwa. It is our contribution to deepen democracy and for a better life for our people. It is about the future of our state



Governor Aiyedatiwa gives thump up, calls for unity

However, on his own party, the Ondo State Governor, Lucky  Aiyedatiwa who is currently leading in the primary election said that the election was smooth and has afforded everyone that participated a level playing field to express their ambitions.

Aiyedatiwa who spoke to the media after casting his ballot also called on all contestants to work for the unity of the party.

He said:

“I extend my deepest appreciation to all who have gathered here to partake in this important democratic process. Together, let us forge ahead towards a brighter future for our beloved state.

“The tremendous turnout we witness here today is no surprise to me, for this is where my journey began. It is here, amidst the familiar streets and faces, where I took my first steps and received my primary education.” .

“This marks a special homecoming for me, as I express my heartfelt gratitude to my fellow constituents, esteemed party members, and the vibrant community of Ugbo Ward 4 in Ilaje Local Government.

“Today, in the very land of my birth, I stand to exercise my right to vote and to vie for the honor of representing our party as its gubernatorial flag bearer in the November gubernatorial election.

“The joy of reconnecting with my roots is further heightened by the presence of two of my childhood classmates, a delightful reunion that fills me with immense happiness.”


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