Group Accuses Plateau PDP of Attempting to Arm-twist Judiciary to Get Favourable Judgements  

A group under the auspices, Guardian of Democracy has accusethNigeria’s main opposition party, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) of trtin to arm- twist the judiciary to deliver judgement in its favour.


The group expressed disappointment over PDP’s resort to actions aimed at  undermthing the independence of the judiciary.

The group, which besieged the entrance of the Court of Appeal headquarters in Abuja on Thursday  carrying placards bearing different inscriptions such as: “say no to bad loser,” “say no to Plateau PDP shenanigans,” and “Guardians of Democracy stand with judiciary.”


Addressing the protesters, Convener of the group, Adamu Matazu, accused the PDP of hypocrisy. He said the party on the one hand claims to be supporting the judiciary and on the other hand sponsoring protests against the same judiciary. He said the party’s actions show it has lost its reputation.


Mr. Matazu cited the development in Plateau State as a prime attempt by the party to undermine the judiciary.


He said, “in recent months, we have witnessed a disturbing trend of attempt to undermine the judiciary. This attempts have come from various quarters, including politicias, lawyers and members of the public. These individuals have sought to influence the judiciary’s decision through intimidation, bribery, l and even threat of violence.


“We must acknowledge the significance of this moment in history. The recent events in Plateau State are a prime example of attempt to undermine the judiciary. It is with great concern that we recognise Plateau State as the epicentre of the disturbing trend.


He said that the Guardians of Democracy’s support for the Nigerian judiciary was part its role in deepening the country’s democracy.


He said his group believes in the judiciary’s ability to uphold the rule of law and deliver justice for all Nigerians.


The group said they are saluting the Appeal Court for its courage in standing up against what they described as “shenanigans of political party agents”, who are hellbent on arm twisting the judiciary to deliver judgements that contradict the very foundation of our society.


He called on Nigerians to join in defending the judiciary, saying “we must stand together to protect our democracy”.


Members and supporters of the PDP in Plateau state had protested the decision of the Appeal court to sack some federal lawmaker. The court had asked the Independence National Electoral Commission, INEC to issue certificate of return to candidates of the opposition All Progressives Congress.

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