British PM, Rishi Sunak Arrives Tel Aviz, Condemns “Unspeakable Act of Terrorism” Against Israel


British Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak on Thursday morning arrived Tel Aviv on a solidarity visit to Israel over the ongoing war with Palestinian militant group, Hamas.

Sunak becomes the second Western leader to visit Israel to pledge their support.

Earlier, American President, Joe Biden visited and used the opportunity to exonerate from a deadly hospital bombing that killed about 500 persons.

Sunak on arrival told the media that Israel has suffered an “unspeakable horrific act of terrorism.”

The British leader is expected to meet with Iraeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netannyahu and the President, Isaac Herzog.

During his visit, President Joe Biden brokered a deal that will allow aid items, mainly food, water and medicine to come into Gaza through  Rafah, Egypt.

The relief materials according to reports will start arriving Gaza on Sunday.

The Isreli/ Hamas crisis has displaced more than 2.3 million people mainly in Gaza and more that 3500 people including soldiers and civilians have been killed since October 7 when Hamas militants invaded Israel in what has become the most successful attack on Israel by Hamas.

Israeli Prime Minister has said in the aftermath of the attack that, though Israel did not “start” the war, it was however, committed to “finishing” the war in a manner that Hamas would not have the capacity to govern Palestine or attack Israel again.

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