2018 German-American Billionaire’s Death May Have Been Faked, New Evidence Suggests

Karl-Erivan Haub a German-American billionaire who was reported missing on April 7, 2018 while skiing at the mountainous Swiss Alps have been reported found again living with his long time girlfriend in Russia.

The business tycoon vanished under mysterious circumstances in Switzerland’s iconic Matterhorn peak six years ago.

On the day he disappeared, he was reported to have gone into the mountain lift alone without the usual security protocol that always followed his movements. His trainer had expressed worry over his move noting that the billionaire was always security conscious.

Swiss authorities and their German counterpart subsequently launched a weeklong search and rescue operations which involved hundreds of rescuers, five helicopters, and even the military but his body was never found.

Haub  was the former managing director and co-owner of German supermarket  and retail chain giant, Tengelmann Group which had 75,000 employees at the time he was declared missing.

He was later declared dead by a Cologne court after three years leaving behind a wife and two children.

His younger brother Christian  Haub swore in a court in 2021 that there was no indication  that the Alpinist, whose net worth was estimated at £5.2 billion, was still  alive.

However, in an intriguing twist, a major investigation led by German broadcaster RTL has now claimed that there is evidence that Karl-Erivan Haub is alive and living with his mistress named Veronika Ermilova, in Moscow, Russia.


The investigation has prompted the Cologne Public Prosecutor in Germany to launch an extensive inquiry against Christian Haub, Karl-Erivan’s brother who testified in court three years ago that the billionaire had died.

However, the Cologne authorities say the matter is still sketchy as there is no enough evidence to upturn the earlier death declaration.

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