Kalu Reiterates Support for Otti, Says Investors, Businesses Returning to Abia


The Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Hon. Benjamin Okezie Kalu has expressed happiness over the return of investors and businesses in Aba and other cities of Abia State, attributing it to the administrative dexterity of the State Governor, Dr. Alex Otti.


Speaking during a visit to the Governor in his home country, Umuehim, Nvosi in Isiala Ngwa South Local Government of the State on Friday, Kalu said that Abia is back in the news for the good reasons.


The Deputy Speaker reiterated his support for the governor, calling for synergy between his office and the state government for speedy development of the state.


He said: “You are doing well. I am here to tell the whole world that you are doing well. I came to tell him that Abia is now in the news for good reasons. We are gradually recovering our dignity, raising our shoulders because of your selfless approach to governance. And you are living your pledge. We want to build Abia for all because we know you are passionate about rebuilding Abia. We would not bother you. I came to renew my pledge that Benjamin Okezie Kalu will support this administration.


“As long as you are working for Abia people and we are seeing it, we will stand by you, come rain, come sunshine. What are we looking for in leadership if not to impact lives? You are an accomplished man. You are not looking for a big name because you have earned it before coming into politics. Passion and patriotism are your watchwords. You are raising our State to measure well amongst the comity of States and we are seeing the signs that you will take us to that promised land.


“I am happy that businesses are not shrinking. That under your administration, businesses are having confidence to expand. We may not understand the economic significance that investors are bringing in money to expand so that they can increase employment rate for the people. It’s good news for Abia State and I will shout it to the rooftops so that investors can come. With that, the unemployment rate will reduce. The trumpet I am blowing today is that Abia is good for business and the investors are coming back to Abia and some of us who ran away from Aba going back. Let us know where we can come in. This is my State and you are my governor. We don’t have another one.


“Before now, House of Representatives members, the Senate and the State worked in silos but we don’t want that again. We want to change the narrative. When I make my contributions from Abuja, you bring yours from the State and we meet someone. It’s Abia that will benefit. The credit is yours as long as God keeps you on that seat. You are focusing on the real issues and getting them solved. No pettiness. I have seen some of the projects. We will make out time for a project tour.”


Kalu urged the Governor to be focused and turn deaf ears to distractions, urging the people to be patient.


“There will be distractions but be focused. I sat down to analyze your approach. Your approach is do a general work for the people first before individuals. You didn’t tell me anything. We didn’t have this conversation but I know your approach is to first work for the generality of the people before you reach out to individuals. So, I am asking Abians to be patient. There is selflessness in this governance. So, be patient. Anyone who played one role or the other, please, be patient. You are not forgotten. It will be well. Let’s join hands together, for once, and build Abia all of us will be proud of. He can’t do it alone and he knows”, he said.


Recalling that Otti was once a member of the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, Kalu said there was still a room for him in the party.


“You are not on my party again though I am regretting it. But I want you to know that the people who are people are also from different political parties. They are people who love what we are doing. The majority of us here are the members of your former party. And we miss you. You only miss a good man not a bad person. So, Labour Party members should be careful. If you don’t make this man happy, he is going back to his parent party. Labour Party people, be careful. If you don’t put your houses in order, this man has a home. I will not allow you to mess him up. If you don’t pull him very strong, I will pull him. I have a very long rope. This is the truth.


“For me, I am standing by you. Let’s build Abia but I am praying that the problem in the Labour Party will continue if they don’t want to resolve it but for you, there is still a room in APC”, Kalu said.


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