90 Chibok Girls Still in Boko Haram Captivity, Rescue Them, Edwin Clark Challenges Tinubu

Elder statesman, Chief Edwin Clark on Monday reminded President Bola Tinubu that that about 90 of the kidnapped girls in Chibok, Borno State were still in Boko Haram captivity, 10 years after they were abducted from their school.

Clark spoke at an event Abuja that commemorated the 10th year after the girls were abducted by insurgents.

He called on President Tinubu to create a special taskforce to rescue the remaining girls from captivity. He noted that no nation should forget their citizens the way the Nigerian government has ignored the girls and many other victims of widespread abductions in  the country.

“Tinubu should appoint a special taskforce with brave soldiers, competent, transparent and not nepotic.

“It appears to some of us that President Tinubu’s government is not serious in the effort to rescue the remaining Chibok girls.

“About 90 of them are still missing after 10 years. This should be a source of worry and concern to any government of a serious nation.”

Reminding the government that President Donald Trump in 2020 ensured that an American that was abducted by insurgents between Niger and Nigeria was rescued with great precision and determination, the elder statesman wondered why a country will abandon its abducted citizens within its territory for so long.

”The then President of the US, Mr. Donald Trump, followed the matter to its conclusion. When Mr. Philip was rescued, President Trump was so excited that a citizen of his country held hostage had been rescued and described the action as ‘big win for our very elite US Special Forces,” he reminded President Tinubu.

Recently, the Federal Government and military authorities had inaugurated special forces to fish out people that killed 17 military personnel in Okuama community in Delta State. The troops have since leveled villages and have largely arrested the fleeing suspects.

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