Rep Members Visit APC Leader, Bisi Akande, Canvass Change of System of Government 


Some members of the House of Representatives on Tuesday paid a courtesy visit to Elder Statesman and former governor Osun State, Chief  Bisi Akande in his residence in Abuja.


The purpose of the visit was not unconnected with the call for a change of the system of government from a presidential to parliamentary system in Nigeria.


Speaking on behalf of the lawmakers, Hon. Chinda Kingsley said it’s time for Nigeria to start the process of moving from the present American typed presidential system to a Nigerian typed parliamentary system.


Hon. Kingsley stated that the several unpalatable issues that had besieged our country necessitated the need to adopt a parliamentary system of government.


The House Minority Leader said, “Our father, our leader, a de-tribalized Nigerian, a quintessential leader of the highest esteem, before you are your children, members of the House of Representatives, cutting across political party, tribe and religion.


“Sir, we sat down, looked at our country, where we’re coming from, where we are today, and where the country should have be based on her knowledge, environment, and circumstance.


“We have been besieged by several issues as a nation and we must state that we believe in this country, Nigeria, we believe in the indivisibility of our country, but we also believe that we must be dynamic, we must not shy away from change and so we felt that we need to introduce something new on the table.


“Having considered the pros and cons, advantages and disadvantages, we think it is necessary for us to start the process to rejig our system, to start the process to move from the present American typed presidential system to a Nigerian typed parliamentary system.


“Sir, we are not talking about a water type parliamentary system, not the textbook parliamentary system but we’re talking about one that will suit our country better for purposes of accountability, reduction of costs of governance, removal of that toga or aura that is built around public officers and our leaders who ordinarily are servants of the people.


To canvass for this change, Hon. Kingsley said three bills had been proposed, saying that these bills have gone passed the first reading.


“For us to understand the government better and make decisions faster and easier for all of us in the interest of our nation, and so we have proposed three bills.


“Sir, the bills have gone through the first reading to take us from the local government to the state up to the national, back to a parliamentary system of government and this process will be gradual.


“We do not expect that the change will come almost immediately. We must begin to test run the system and continue to make consequential amendments to all other laws so that we’ll all be in sync.


“We have come today to you, sir, considering your position in our country today, your wealth of experience, we know that we cannot succeed without tapping from the knowledge of those that have seen it all, and you are one of such persons in our country today.


“That is why we have come to you, to seek for your advice, to seek for your direction, to also tap from your inexhaustible wealth of knowledge in this sector, in public governance, both parliamentary and presidential system, and in fact the Nigerian system, which we know that you are very deep in understanding her workings”, he stated.


Hon. Kingsley however noted that as lawmakers, their duty is to propose the bills but it’s for Nigerians to debate on it and take the final decision.


“Finally, I will say sir, that at the end of the day, it is not our bill, it’s a Nigerian bill, so whatever Nigerians say will be the final result of this. As parliamentarians, we are dropping it on the table for Nigerians to deliberate and take a decision on it”, he added.


In his response, Bisi Akande said the most stimulating aspect of democracy is discussion.


While wishing the lawmakers good luck, the former governor of Osun State said the cause will be productive at the end of the day.


“Nigerian lawmakers and parliamentarians, I’m happy to welcome you. The most stimulating aspect of democracy is discussion. And what you have started now is to test the waters from the ideas of the Nigerian people.


“And now that you put it on the table, I know it will stimulate Nigerians of all walks of life to discuss, to review, to assess, and then advice. And at the end of it, I don’t see how your system will not be productive.


“I wish you the best in your endeavor, and I wish Nigerians the enjoyment of your good ideas. And in the end, I know you will come up with something that will do all of us good”, he said.

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