Niger Governor Bars Civil Servant from Wearing Babariga, Kaftan to Office, Exempts Only Fridays

The Governor of Niger State, Hon. Umaru Bago has announced a ban on wearing traditional attires to work between Monday and Thursdays by civil servants in the state.

Bago announced the rule over the weekend at the presentation of agricultural equipment at the Brains and Hammers Rice City in Wushishi Local Government Area of the state.

The governor noted that civil servants should take serious their jobs and stop dressing as if they were attending merriment parties.

According to him, “from Monday, we will issue an order preventing civil servants from wearing kaftan and Babanriga to work between Monday and Thursday. No Babanriga, No Kaftan, we are here to work

“Anybody who wants to wear Babanriga should resign. We are also going to engage in serious farming activities going forward.”

He , however, stated that the new dress code must not be suit and skate but that all manner of English dresses were acceptable.

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