The Oldest Storey Building in Nigeria May be in Enugu, NOT Lagos State

There is the widely held view in Nigeria that the oldest storey building in the country  is the painted white one storey building in Badagry, Lagos State which was built by Rev. Henry Townsend of the Church Missionary Society (CMS) in the year 1845 (178 years)

History records the building to have taken three years before it was completed. The foundation of the house was laid in 1842, and it was completed in 1845. The iconic house was home to Nigeria’s first Anglican Bishop, Ajayi Crowther, while he translated the Holy Bible from English to Yoruba.

However, there has been a debate, albeit, mooted about a popular house in Amadim Village,  Ukehe, in Igbo-Ettiti local government area of Enugu State which is believed to be the first storey building in Nigeria.

The one storey building which still stands magnificently has wooden first floor which typically rhymes with old European model houses has 1758 boldly carved on its frontage.

There is also another bold sign that reads: “Jesus is calling you.”



This magnificent edifice is said to have been built by a native who traded with Portuguese explorers and slave traders.

An oral account states that the house was built by a legendary and prominent man named Ugwu Nwajangwu, whose was also popularly known as Agu’kwu in the Nsukka area.

There has been series of debates about the real age of the house which if going by the date carved on it is now 265 years old.

FACTSHEET will be visiting the building to unearth more facts about the beautiful artifact.

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