President Tinubu Begs US Court to Stop Release of His Academic Records

President Bola Tinubu has pleaded with a United States’ court to stop the release of his academic records by the Chicago State University, saying that if the school goes ahead to release the records as earlier ordered by a court the he will suffer irreparable damage.

The Presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), former Vice President Atiku Abubakar had approached the US Court to order the release of President Tinubu’s records as part of the evidence the PDP presidential candidate is relying on to quash the election of Tinubu.

However, reacting through his lawyer President Tinubu is a desperate move pleaded with the court to at least delay the release of the documents.

Part of the President’s pleas read:

“Intervenor raises a substantial question about the Magistrate’s authority to resolve the Section 1782 petition and order immediate compliance by Chicago State University.

“‘If Chicago State University complies with the Magistrate’s order prior to this Court having an opportunity to review the order, Intervenor will suffer prejudice because the information will have been disclosed and effective relief will be impossible.

“The order requires the documents to be produced today. (Dkt. 40, pg. 31.)

“By contrast, Tinubu maintained that he has at least until September 27 to submit material, if not longer, and, as the Magistrate commented, the “tight timeframe” was created “in no small part” by applicant. (Dt. 40, pg. 28.)

“That leaves enough time for the Court to review the ruling and, if discovery were permitted to proceed, for the applicant to still obtain the information sought.

“Due to the timing for compliance by Chicago State University — later today ~ Intervenor is filing this motion separately from its challenge to the Magistrate’s ruling on the application. Intervenor intends to file, by the end of the day, a substantive brief addressing the errors in the magistrate’s decision.

“Intervenor requests that the Court defer compliance by Chicago State University until Monday, which will provide both an opportunity to review the Magistrate’s ruling, and, if ordered, to allow the discovery to proceed before September 27.

“For example, a production could accur on Tuesday morning, be followed by a deposition in the afternoon, and a court reporter can provide a rough or real time transcript that evening.

“Counsel for intervenor, Christopher W. Carmichael, communicated with counsel for applicant, Alexandre de Gramont, who opposes the motion.

“Wherefore, intervenor prays that the court grant the emergency motion and delay compliance with the magistrate’s September 19, 2023 order until the end of the day

Monday, September 25, 2023,”

The presiding Judge, Ms Nancy Maldonado of the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois in Chicago, in granting the request of Tinubu stated that‘ This needs to be handled with care.”

She subsequently granted Tinubu’s request for temporary delay of the release of the academic records.

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