Why I Cannot Return Vehicles to Edo State Government- Ex Edo Dpty Gov, Philip Shaibu

Immediate past Deputy  Governor of Edo State, Mr. Philip Shaibu, has said that he has forgiven his former boss, Governor Godwin Obaseki, but not willing to return some vehicles in his possession because he spent his personal resources to make them usable.


Speaking with Punch, Shaibu clarified that the government vehicles he is being accused of illegally appropriated to himself were not brand new vehicles as claimed by agents of the government were actually refurbished vehicles used by his predecessors. He said that he used his personal resources to refurbish the vehicles while he was deputy governor.

“The vehicles they are referring to are the two Prado SUVs used by Lucky Imasuen as the deputy governor. The other Hilux was the one (Dr Pius) Odubu’s wife used, and the Land Cruiser was the one Odubu used

“I took all those vehicles to the mechanic who changed their engine and refurbished them. Those are the vehicles that they are telling me to return,” the former deputy governor clarified.

Shaibu noted that throughout his tenure as deputy governor, he was allocated only one new vehicle.

“So, you can see how heartless men can be. I got only one new vehicle in almost eight years that I served as the deputy governor of the state,” he said.

Shaibu fell out favour with Obaseki when the he declared his interest to contest the forthcoming governorship election in Edo State. Shaibu was so determined that the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) factionalised into two where Shaibu eventually emerged in one and the candidate supported by Governor Obaseki emerged on the other faction.

The former deputy governor, however noted that he remained committed to activism and social justice and will continue to fight for the people, but did not specifically say his next line of action with regards to the coming Edo State governorship election.



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