Air Peace London Flight on 3rd April 2024: Our Beautiful Experience

A Nigerian couple who joined the return flight of Air Peace from Gatwick Airport,  UK to the Muritala Mohammed International Airport,  Lagos recounts their beautiful experience on the latest international route of Nigeria’s biggest Indigenous airline.



Having travelled severally since 1991 on London/Lagos route I want to start by stating the obvious apprehension I had even booking this flight. This was based on my last experience with Arik Air several years ago. It took me two weeks of getting to the point of payment while booking and then I would close the transaction. I eventually summoned up courage to book and pay. From the point of confirmation of the ticket everything seemed okay but I was somehow still expecting something to pop out of the blues and confirm the doubt that was lurking somewhere in a part of my heart.

The day before the flight I saw a newspaper article of some scammers who had set up a fake website to fraudulently cause people to book non-existent tickets. I was still thinking “i hope not”. I could not even tell my wife who was travelling with me about what was going on in my heart.

On the day of the flight I drove to the airport with the usual expectation of a rowdy scene at the check-in desk. Alas, I got there 30 minutes to close of the desk and we had just 2 people in front of us. The staff that included Nigerians were courteous, polite and jovial. It was over in about 10 minutes and the journey was confirmed. Boarding was quick, smooth and excellently organised.

The aircraft was a Boeing 787 and it was a great aircraft. The air host and hostesses were extremely friendly and helpful. The food was amazing. Jollof Rice, Peas and Chicken or Pounded Yam with Efọ Riro and Beef. These were accompanied with plantain chips and other things. It was hilarious listening to the white hostess twisting her tongue trying to explain the ẹfọ riro to us. The second meal was great as well.

On a general note, I am highly impressed and with the cost which was almost half of what Virgin, BA or almost all the other airlines would take, this is a great achievement for Nigeria. I want to congratulate Dr Allen Onyema for this breakthrough. You will not grow tired and evil people will not enter your project. This is a venture to support. I would recommend this airline on this route to anyone. I pray that grace to maintain their consistency is released in Jesus’ name.

I would not fail to mention the passengers who were impeccable in their behaviour. They made Nigeria proud by queuing up and following instructions. I saw a full set of posh people and I was proud to be a Nigerian. On the plane I saw people following instructions and helping one another. I want to plead with other Nigerians to maintain this level of support for our own. Kudos to the pilot and his crew. You guys were amazing. Looking forward to the return flight. The landing was smooth & awesome. One of the best touchdowns I have seen recently.

Finally let me add this:
Immigration took only 10 minutes. Luggage was out under 30 minutes. Nobody harassing you to drop something. Nigeria will surely fulfil its prophetic destiny.


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