JUST IN: MTN May Reverse Subscribers “Loan Forgiveness”

The jubilation of subscribers on Nigeria’s biggest mobile phone network services provider, MTN Nigeria over the “debt forgiveness” that  led to the wiping off all their call time and data loans may be short-lived as it has been discovered that the “loan wipe” was not a deliberate action, but a consequence of a “system glitch.”

Many subscribers of MTN woke up to realize that their various debts have been wiped clean by the network between Friday and early Saturday morning.

However, media enquiries have revealed that the “loan wipe” was caused by a system malfunction. A staff of MTN in Abuja who spoke to FACTSHEET on the issue on the condition of anonymity said that such subscribers “should not jubilate yet until the management arrives at a decision.”

MTN  Nigeria at press time has not issued official statement to clarify the “glitch” or whether it was a friendly gesture from the giant mobile services provider.



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