Israel/ Hamas War Records 1200 Casualties, Oil Prices Jump, Bleak Days Ahead

With over 1, 200 casualties on both sides, the endless conflict between Israel and Islamic militant group, Hamas, has now escalated into full blown war.

Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu on Saturday promised to ensure that Hamas is incinerated permanently.

By Sunday  morning more than 1000 Israeli reserve troops were already deployed in Southern Israel awaiting the next command.

In a video posted on X, a spokesman of the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF), Jonathan Conricus said:

“Our task is to make sure that Hamas will no longer have any military capabilities to threaten Israel with.

“And in addition to that, we will make sure that Hamas is no longer able to govern the Gaza Strip.”

By the confirmation of both IDF and Palestinian officials, more than 700 Israelis and 400 Palestinians have already been killed in less than 24hours.

People in Gaza strip are afraid that they may be wiped out as Israel prepares its ground forces to move in and smoke out all traces of Hamas in the densely populated and cordoned districts.



Flights into Israel Canceled

As the conflicts escalate with missiles flying in all directions, the aviation sector has become the first hit with airlines cancelling or preparing to cancel flights into Israel

One of Europe’s major carriers, Cathay Pacific  Airways has already announced cancellation of all flights into and out of Israel. The airline announced that its flights CX675 from Hong Kong to Tel Aviv, and CX676 from Tel Aviv to Hong Kong on Tuesday were cancelled and it will give update on Thursday, October 12.


Looming Evacuations

It has been confirmed that several foreign nationals have been killed in the conflict. America and Thailand are the first to announce they have recorded casualties.

While America has not determined the number of its citizens killed, Thailand announced 12 of its nationals were killed while a dozen more were critically injured and 11 others taken hostage by Hamas


The spokeswoman of the Thai Foreign Affairs ministry, Kanchana Patarachoke her country was preparing to evacuate her citizens from Israel. According to her, the employers of the Thai nationals broke the sad news to the Thai government.


Reports indicate that there are around 30,000 Thai workers in Israel, with majority of them working in Israel’s flourishing agriculture industry.

 Oil Prices Soar

Oil prices jumped more than $4 a barrel on Monday morning according to reports from the international markets

A war in the Middle East, the region that produces most of the worlds’ oil will definitely impact prices. Already, a sense of uncertainty is brewing within the sector as the raging conflict in addition to the crises in Sudan as well as Russia may just shut out major producers.

Hamas has already called on the Islamic world, especially the Middle East countries to join in the war against Israel.


US Set to Join Forces with Israel

President Joe Biden on over the weekend ordered  US Aircraft carriers, warships and warplanes to move closer to Israel in a show of support.


Reports indicate that the Pentagon announced it was sending the aircraft carrier USS Gerald R. Ford and its accompanying warships to the eastern Mediterranean.

US Central Command confirmed Sunday afternoon that ships and planes had begun moving to their new posts.

With the US in the fray, an end to the war may be very far from now.

Biden had convened an emergency Security Council meeting where it was demanded that all 15 members condemn the Hamas invasion.

However, it was reported that many powerful countries including Russia and China refused to condemn the Hamas attacks in clear terms. Bothe China and Russia representatives said that their country condemn attack on “civilians.”

Additional reports from AP, France 24

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