Celebrating Distinguished Senator Engr. Kenneth Emeka Eze’s One Year of Impactful, Effective and Purposeful Representation.

By Kizito Nwankwo

In the words of Booker T. Washington, “no man who continues to add something to the material, intellectual and moral wellbeing of a place in which he lives is left long without reward”. This came true in the political trajectory of Sen. Engr. Kenneth Emeka Eze when the people of Ebonyi Central Senatorial Zone rewarded him with their mandate on 25th of February, 2023 to represent them in the Senate of the 10th National Assembly.


Democracy is about the Legislature, and the Legislature is for democracy an institution made up of representatives of the people and saddled with the responsibilities of lawmaking, representation and oversight. Just like Aristotle, one of history’s most influential philosophers, had emphasized the importance of virtues, knowledge and the pursuit of the common good, Sen. Ken Eze espouses these principles in the discharge of his legislative duties as a member of the Upper Chamber in Nigeria’s bicameral National Assembly.


In the world of politics, it is not uncommon for an individual to be under rated. To many, Sen. Eze was a fresh face in the realm of legislative business to be entrusted with such monumental responsibility of the Senator representing Ebonyi Central Senatorial Zone in the Nigerian 10th Senate. Yet as a man who had prepared himself for leadership through quality education and informal trainings, and had acquired prerequisite knowledge and experience in political brinkmanship and power matrix, Sen. Ken Eze has not only silenced those in this school of thought but has successfully made himself an indispensable factor in the politics of the 10th National Assembly.


On assumption of office, Senator Eze set out a clear-cut vision and programmes for effective representation of the people of Ebonyi Central and to bring to their door-steps dividends of democracy. His vision and sterling qualities of integrity, reliability, effectiveness and ability to discharge every given responsibility, even when multitasked, during the leadership tussle in the 10th Senate earned him the trust, respect and admiration of his colleagues. These qualities paid off during the constitution of the Standing Committees of the 10th Senate.


Sen. Eze stood tall among his contemporaries, as he broke the records as a first-timer to emerge a Chairman and Vice Chairman of Grade A Senate Committees, Senate Committee on Information and National Orientation and Senate Committee on Water Resources respectively.  He was also appointed a member of Senate Special Adhoc Committee on Internal Security and a member of fifteen (15) other Standing Committees. He was also elected the Treasurer, Southern Senators Forum.


Sen. Eze has led so many Nigeria Parliamentary delegations to represent Nigeria in global events: a meeting of World Water Forum in Bali, Indonesia; Nigeria delegation to UK on full digitalization of Nigeria Broadcasting Industry; a member of Nigeria delegation to Kigali, Rwanda on the retreat of the upstream sector of Nigeria Oil Sector etc.


There is no doubt that Sen. Eze came at a delicate time in the history of representation of Ebonyi State and Ebonyi Central in particular in the National Assembly, when performance of any Federal Legislator is measured by the number of people empowered or pulled out of poverty. Unarguably, Sen. Eze had a huge hurdle laying ahead of him as the Senator Representing Ebonyi Central with enormous burden of how to reduce poverty and unemployment in his constituency. As a leader that understood the heart beats of his people, Sen. Eze set out from day one in office to address these issues that would make life meaningful and livable for his people.


First of all, he paid WAEC registration fees for over 300 indigent students from his constituency who would have missed WAEC registration due to lack of funds and, also paid school fees for over 200 indigent students of tertiary institutions from the same zone. He followed it up by securing permanent and pensionable employment in Federal Government Agencies for over forty (40) graduates. Today, it is on record that Sen. Eze has surpassed his predecessors in employment generation for his constituents within the same period under consideration. When the trickled-down effect is considered, this translates to pulling over 200 of his constituents out of poverty.


Secondly, Sen. Ken Eze views Human Capital development as not just morally imperative for collective and individual growth, but a necessity and a veritable tool to unlock the potentials of any given individual or group. Recognizing the importance of an institutional framework for effective human capital development, he sponsored the Bill to establish the Federal Polytechnic, Onueke, Ezza South LGA in Ebonyi Central Senatorial Zone of Ebonyi State. This Bill when passed will widen opportunities and improve access to quality Vocational and Technical Educational Training in Information and communication Technology and applied sciences for youths not just in Ebonyi Central but beyond. This will result in the mopping of thousands of talented youths and producing graduates fit for today’s competitive market economy.


In terms of effective representation of the good people of Ebonyi Central Senatorial Zone, Sen. Eze’s voice resonates on the floor of the Red Chamber in all national issues advocating for the development, progress and overall well-being of his people. The enumerated Bills and Motions here below are eloquent testimonies of his commendable five-star performance in the 10th Senate.


Bill for an Act to establish Federal Polytechnic Onueke 2023. Bill for an Act to repeal and re-enact NBC Act 2024. Bill for an Act to repeal and re-enact Nigerian Press Council Act 2024. Submitted Bill for Price Control. Sponsored a motion to investigate the Activities of Electricity Distribution Companies across the country. Co-sponsored a motion for an urgent need to balance Geo-political Representation in the ministerial appointment. Co-sponsored a motion for urgent need to withdraw from schools the book “Fundamental of Civic Education for Basic 8 (JSS 2)” Sponsored a motion for inclusion of the construction of Ezzagu Ebonyi State /Amagunze Enugu State Road, in the 2024 budget. Co-sponsored a motion on the poor state of road infrastructure and menace of gully erosion in South East of Nigeria. Co-sponsored a motion condemning the disruptive nature of sit-at-home demonstration in the South-East of Nigeria. Co-sponsored a motion on urgent need to historically investigate the disbursement of loans by Development Bank of Nigeria, NIIRSAL and related banks to Micro, Small and Medium scale enterprise (MSMEs) in Nigeria from 2015 to 2023. Co-sponsored a motion on the Urgent need to investigate alleged incidences pf corruption and inefficiency at the Ajaokuta Steel Company Limited and National Iron Ore Mining Company (NIOMCO) located in Kogi State…Etc.


Other great achievements of Senator Engr. Ken Eze include;Appointment / constant payment of 50 Aides outside the statutory 5 Legislative Aides officially attached to his office by NASS. Routine hospital visitation / payment of hospital bills for the less privileges especially the widows and orphans. Financial empowerment to over 1000 youths, market women and small-scale businessmen across Ebonyi Central Senatorial District. Restoration of electricity light in many Communities across Ebonyi Central Zone. Installation of Solar Street light at different locations across Ebonyi Central Zone. Drilling of boreholes for the people at different locations. Periodic cash grant to the youths and stakeholders of Ebonyi Central Zone to cushion the effects of the present economic reality. Distribution of over 100 cows, 10,000 bags of rice, other household items and cash running in millions of naira to the people of Ebonyi Central Senatorial District during 2023 Christmas celebration. Consistent sponsorship of unity and peace advocacy across Ebonyi Central Senatorial District, and particularly in Ezza Ezekuna Clan. Concluded plan for free medical outreach in Ebonyi Central Zone, to cater for the health needs of the rural dwellers. Concluded plan for mega empowerment scheme and skills acquisition programme for the good people of Ebonyi Central Senatorial District. Inclusion of the construction of Ezzagu Ebonyi State /Amagunze Enugu State Road, in the 2024 budget. Inclusion of contruction of some rural roads in Ebonyi Central in the 2023 budget…Etc.


In terms of constituency service, Sen. Eze has carried out a number of empowerment projects and programmes despite the distractions of prolonged post-election litigations. It is on record that the quantity of rice distributed to his constituents at Christmas in December, 2023 was unprecedented in the annals of legislative representation in Ebonyi State.


Another major achievement is the advocacy for unity and peace in his constituency, and unalloyed support to the government of His Excellency, Rt. Hon. Francis Ogbonna Nwifuru. His efforts in this direction led to rallying of support of the good people of Ezza Ezekuna for the government and increasing the membership of APC in the Zone.


In this era where public trust has become a precious and scarce commodity, his drive to effect positive changes has earned him the respect and admiration of the good people of the zone and beyond. It will be stating the obvious to say that Sen. Engr. Kenneth Emeka Eze, FNSE, FNATE, has established himself as a star performer, quintessential leader, a beacon of hope and symbol of unity.


As the 10th Senate celebrates its first-year anniversary, the good people of Ebonyi Central can beat their chest with pride that this time around, they have elected a worthy representative in the person of Distinguished Senator Engr. Kenneth Emeka Eze, FNSE, FNATE.


While the people of Ebonyi relish the five-star performance of their Senator, we must not fail to appreciate the invaluable supports of the pragmatic Governor of Ebonyi State, His Excellency, Rt. Hon. Francis Ogbonna Nwifuru.


Hon. Kizito Nwankwo, fcai

Senior Legislative Aide to Sen. Engr. Kenneth Emeka Eze

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