Iranian President, Ebrahim Raisi, Foreign Minster Feared Dead in Helicopter Crash

A helicopter carrying Iranian President, Ebrahim Raisi alongside his Foreign Minister. Hossein Amirabdollahian has crash-landed in a hilly area in the country Reuters reports.

The crash-landing according to reports may be due to bad weather as visibility in the area is said to be very bad due heavy fog, the Prime Minister and his Foreign Minister were returning to Iran from a state visit to Azerbaijan.

The bad weather is also hampering rescue efforts.

Iranian Interior Minister, Ahmed Vahidi in the last 30 minutes told Iranian state media, IRNA that there were three helicopters in the convoy, but only the one carrying both the President and the Foreign Minister developed problems.


President Raisi, 63, was elected  in 2021, the second time he had contested for the presidency.

He is a favourite of Iranian Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei whom many pundits believe has endorsed Raisi as a possible successor of the Supreme leader.

Though there has not been any confirmation of the status of those in the crashed helicopter, the Interior Minister told state media that the helicopter suffered “hard-landing.”

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